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Jaleel Awini: Bowling Secrets to Help You Bowl a Better Game

Jaleel Awini

Jaleel Awini has been playing sports most of his life. After playing four sports at Rangeview High School, he went on to play football for the Air Force Academy on an athletic scholarship. He finished his college football career at the University of Colorado, Boulder, where he earned his Bachelor’s in Economics. Along with playing football during college, Awini enjoyed bowling with his friends. For bowlers that are struggling to consistently bowl strikes, here are some secrets to up your game.

  1. Being able to hook the ball is important if you want to bowl more strikes. Hooking the ball is the process of turning or twisting your wrist as you are releasing the ball.

  2. You will have to aim your ball at the pocket. This is the area between the first and third pins if you are a right-hand bowler, and the first and second pins if you are a left-hand bowler. You have the best opportunity to bowl a strike if you are able to land the ball in the pocket.

  3. As you won’t be able to get a strike every time you throw the ball, you need to be able to pick up the spares. If you are able to pick up spares on a consistent basis, you will see your score get higher.

Bowling is as much a mental game as it is a physical game. If you want to improve your score and start getting strikes on a consistent basis, you have to concentrate on the target from the moment you step on the lane. Once you master this, you will be well on your way to higher scoring games. Jaleel Awini enjoys getting out and bowling a few games with his friends during his free time.

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