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Jaleel Awini: Top Benefits of Playing Basketball

Jaleel Awini!

For more than 100 years, people like Jaleel Awini have been playing basketball as a way to get fit and stay in shape. Along with teaching participates how to be a good player and instilling confidence, basketball provides a number of other benefits for those who participate.

  1. A fast-moving sport, basketball can burn a lot of calories. Between jumping, running, and the quick lateral moves, participants can expect to burn around 600 calories an hour.

  2. It can help you develop cardiovascular endurance, resulting in a healthier heart. Keeping your heart healthy helps to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

  3. The physical demands of basketball help players build bone strength. Bone tissue is formed when you participate in weight-bearing exercise, resulting in stronger bones.

  4. Basketball helps you improve your coordination and fine motor skills. It increases hand-eye coordination, as well as full-body coordination.

  5. Along with being a physically demanding sport, basketball is also demanding mentally. Players must be able to quickly and accurately process what is going on and make decisions on what actions to take.

Basketball is a great way to have fun, interact with others, and get active. Jaleel Awini is a former college football player, who was also a four-sport athlete in high school. Along with playing football, he was on the baseball and basketball teams and participated in track.

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