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Jaleel Awini: Top Reasons Why You Should Serve Others Through Volunteering

Jaleel Awini Serving Other!

Growing up, former University of Colorado linebacker, Jaleel Awini spent time helping his mom feed homeless people at various shelters throughout the Denver Metro area. The time he spent serving others during his childhood stuck with him and he continues to serve others through volunteering today. By practising kindness through serving others, you are able to deepen your understanding of how inner change and outer change are fundamentally intertwined.

Here are some of the reasons why you should volunteer and serve others.

  1. To discover that the most important things you have to offer are often not things at all. Serving others helps you to discover all the resources, like your time, attention, and presence, that are at your disposal.

  2. To express gratitude and acknowledge the fullness in your life. When you serve others, you start to become mindful of everything that you have and start to feel grateful. This allows you to pay forward those gifts with joy.

  3. Begin serving others in order to transform yourself. Even practicing the smallest act of service, changes our habit of self-centeredness.

Serving others not only brings hope and happiness to others, but it also leads to emotional and spiritual growth to those who volunteer their time. Jaleel Awini has been spending time helping to feed the homeless since he was a child.

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